“Hi! The team at Celia Kritharioti is so excited to make something for Zendaya for Challengers! We were thinking how CUTE it’d be if we put little tiny tennis rackets… oh, I see, gotcha. But what about the SHADOW of a racket, maybe with a person hitting – ah, okay, never mind. We COULD do a really fun homage to grass courts, or — yep, that’s cool, I understand. Maybe we could do a short tennis dress? No? A longish one? Aha, never mind. What about a tribute to — oh, you’re covered there, got it. How about an inexplicable princess dress with a chest thong? Vera’s doing it? Right. And you kinda did tennis balls. Well, fuck it, I don’t know, I guess I’ll just dye a dress Tennis Ball Yellow and then hot-glue-gun one of those motherfuckers RIGHT to her PELVIS this time, and– oh, shit, I was kidding, really? Um. I mean… yay? I’ll get to work.”

[Photo: Eric Charbonneau/Getty Images]