First of all, congratulations to all who celebrate Taylor; I understand the last three or four days have been momentous and enjoyable. (I enjoy Taylor Swift but my fandom of her is more passive in the sense that I do not really seek out the new Taylor but I am pleased if it finds me.* I’m also glad she’s sticking it to that weasel Scooter Braun.) Second of all, while I’m sure someone has a theory about why Taylor would wear a purple velvet suit that has like deep secret meaning, it’s also true that sometimes a person might just want to wear a cozy purple velvet suit that looks good on them, and that’s definitely happening here, too.

*In fact, I just manifested this and heard the new single on the radio like an hour after this published. It’s really good! Taylor’s great at reminding me what it was like to feel things.

[Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock]