Heather texted me this morning that this cover reminded her of Classic Cosmos of Yore — with the smaller font and longer headlines — and I have to say that I agree and I also kind of love it, and think they could have pushed the retro cover feel even farther. She looks great (although I could live without Gucci going all Anne Boleyn on her choker) but they could have leaned even MORE ’80s with HUGE HAIR. She’s already wearing the shoulder pads! She’s a dish, she can take a little throwback AquaNet moment! Additionally: I am INTRIGUED by two headlines here — “How to Marry a Viscount” AND the one about the romance scammer business. Those are two primo coverlines. Good work, everyone!

This is extra interesting, given that news just broke that Cosmo is switching up their publication schedule. Per The Daily:

Beginning this year, Hearst-owned publication Cosmopolitan will print eight themed issues, each dedicated to a different subject and numbered, rather than tied to a specific month. The switch comes as Cosmo continues to downsize its publishing schedule: the mag has been printing less issues each year, with 10 editions in 2020, and only nine issues in 2021. “We are calling it the ‘2022 collection’ and we really wanted to make something that does feel collectible and that you want to live on your coffee table instead of putting it into your recycle pile,” Jessica Pels, editor in chief of Cosmopolitan, said.

This is (appropriate for February) the Love Issue. I truly think going full throwback would make it feel even MORE collectible. Please take my suggestion!

Also: This is a really interesting and very honest interview. Sydney seems like a good egg and a very smart one. Definitely read the whole thing — you’ve probably already seen the clips about her talking about her second thoughts (sort of) about going topless in Euphoria, but this seems very savvy:

Most actors wait for what seems like decades before they get involved with the business side of the industry. Did you have a plan for how to get started?

I’m obsessed with branding and marketing. I love the idea of being like, Okay, I love this project, now how can I make this consumable to a mass market? So I called my agents and was like, “Do you think this is something I can achieve?” They’ve always believed in everything I put my mind to, so they supported me and sent me books to consider.

She goes into more depth about how she has chosen to present herself to the public in the interview and it’s worth a look. I think it’s very smart as an actress to realize you are, whether you like it or not, a brand on some level.

[Cover: Josefina Santos for COSMOPOLITAN]