This outfit is the opposite of the sophisticated full-coverage coat ensembles Jennifer has been wearing recently. She was performing on Jimmy Fallon’s show, and she busted out some serious abs for the occasion in an outfit by Grace Ling:


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The designer posted a clip from the performance where you can see that the back is reminiscent of those days when people’s thongs poked out over their pants, except with a large metal ornament attached. This may not have known it at conception, or even at birth, but it was built to frame the work J.Lo puts into her abs. And she clearly agreed, because she wore it again in black for a New York Times shoot:


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It’s the type of outfit that, yeah, probably existed long before Jennifer Lopez’s stylists noticed it, but did not truly live until it strung itself up over her abs in a kind of sartorial cat’s cradle. Like, I didn’t take Brussels sprouts seriously, either, until someone roasted them with bacon and hit them with balsamic, and now they have a context. They don’t have to look good, but they make sense. So this is the Brussels sprout of her closet, is what I’m saying. Which… is probably a take I should have deleted and rewritten, it’s that bad, but sometimes you just don’t have that many words to say “Wow, that’s just dental floss,” and you need to try out some new ones.