Thanks so much to all of you who entered our SPOILED/OPI giveaway!

About tw0-thirds of you nailed the answer to this riddle:

This entry is older but not from year one

It’s not very nasty; in fact it’s quite fun.

The subject? An old fave who’s just what we need

looking better than worse, a rare thing indeed.

The entry endorses something used for disguises.

ID which it is, and cross your fingers for PRIZES.

That answer being Kirsten Dunst (who’s just what we need — that phrase, of course, being a reference to the song written for her character in Bring It On) wearing her fake glasses with Jason Schwartzman, back in the day.

To pick the winners, we assigned everyone a number based on the order in which we got their answers, and had a randomizer select three, whom we then emailed with the good news (and to get their addresses). Check your email and see if you won! A huge thanks to all who entered and to everyone who’s been so supportive of SPOILED! And stay tuned for more fun giveaways!