Everyone in the Extended Jonas Family is in Paris right now, lending further credence to the rumor that Joe and Sophie are having their Big Wedding (as opposed to their Vegas elopement) in the upcoming days. [“A rumor fueled on Instagram by, of all people, Dr. Phil, who made a comment to the effect of, “Can’t wait to see you at the wedding next week,” which… why is Dr. Phil coming, you guys? Who invites him anywhere? Is it just so you can seat someone you hate directly behind him?” – H] Frankly, I’m jealous: I don’t know why I’m not drinking rosé on a boat in Paris right now, but it seems like a major oversight. Let me shove all my resentment about everyone who’s on a great vacay way way way waaaaay down in my soul and let’s talk about their outfits instead.

[Photos: Philippe Blet/Shutterstock]