Three years ago, Tracee Ellis Ross deployed one of the few dresses we cover where I actually thought, “MAYBE I SHOULD SPLURGE ON THIS!” I should not, and I did not, but that doesn’t mean I won’t search Poshmark for “Esteban Cortezar pink” to see if it turns up somewhere with a slightly more practically impractical price tag. At the time Jessica wrote that this is the kind of dress that says, “Why don’t you swan around with an Aperol Spritz for a while,” and I don’t even LIKE those and yet I completely agree and want to be that person RIGHT NOW.

I tried out those Haus low-APV spirits, and I posted on Instagram that they remind me of things that actual good mixologists (so, not me) would have fun using as the base for a more intricate cocktail; someone replied that what they miss deeply is going to a bar and ordering a cocktail, and taking a sip, and being unable to decide if they are finishing it because they LIKE it or because it was $14. I miss that, too. And I would like do that in this dress, and this lipstick, and with TER’s elan. It’s all a work in progress. Maybe by 2022 I’ll stick the landing.

[Photo: Shutterstock]