Tracee Ellis Ross memorably wore a Schiaparelli head-sculpture to the NAACP Awards, and that plus Beyonce’s Grammys outfit — with gold nails on the outside of her gloves — had me scratching my head at how we missed the House of Schiap’s offerings during fashion week. Better late than never. Daniel Roseberry also designed what Gaga wore to the inauguration, and I hadn’t connected her pin to Tracee’s head ornament, but they’re definitely kin. AND SO! We should take a look at what we missed, which includes as usual an abundance of whimsy. Roseberry gave some bits to Vogue that I rather liked:

“I really like the freedom in which Schiap explored things,” Roseberry said over Zoom. “You know, while Chanel was making buttons made out of double C’s and it was very much an exercise in branding, Schiap’s buttons were peanuts and wrenches and hammers and birds and insects. It’s kind of this referential gymnastics that I feel like we can have here, as long as it feels like part of one world and one language. People know they can go other places for more polite designs.”

I really love that Elsa Schiaparelli enjoyed poking at Noted Nazi Coco Chanel. Where’s THAT movie?

[Photos: Imaxtree]