I have forgotten how to get dressed. I have worn jeans every day of the pandemic, which is normal and fine, but I have not needed to care or think about what I wear with them in a very long time and I am barefoot like 97 percent of the day. (I already worked from home, so really, let’s be frank, my personal style was already flatlining and losing my social life just exacerbated what was already happening.) So by my current standards, this is an outfit, even if Nicky is really just in kicks and denim and a sweater and her usual winter coat. It’s just cute. I love the sweater. The coat is functional but also posh. The sneakers are STRIPED. They are from her own collection with French Sole and are some kind of kicks/espadrille combo. Fortunately I am not going to fall for that $165 price tag given that I only leave the house these days to take out the garbage, or — if it’s a real corker of a day — move the cans down the steep driveway back to where they live. It’s THREE trips up and down! I need a nap just thinking about it. Going back to being a human person in the world will be a real challenge. But: The point is, this very very simple ensemble is doing one very nice thing, which is, reminding me how much I’m looking forward to NEEDING presentable kicks and a good top to, say, pick up my kids at school, or get a cocktail with a friend. I am READY to tiptoe back into caring if my sweaters fit, or are too old to be borne in polite society, or whatever. But first, maybe I’ll start with what I have and toss on my two masks and go walk and get a smoothie or something. Will Nicky Hilton of all people be what prompts me to leave my cave on the regular and get in my steps?!? Who could’ve thought.