I almost just typed out a boring and inconsequential story about how I once sat next to Jordana Brewster at my nail place and then realized that, no, that was Minka Kelly. WHAT A GREAT STORY. You really missed out! (Minka Kelly, for what it’s worth, was incredibly nice to everyone, and based on that 45 minute non-interaction with her, I decided she’s a gem.) ANYWAY! This is not Minka Kelly, it is Jordana Brewster  — who, I’d like to note, I really liked on the Dallas reboot and I’m happy for her that she’s in all those Fast/Furious movies — and her sweater is appealing and she should be congratulated for managing to navigate the world in so much white without spilling. CONGRATS, madame, and enjoy!

[Photo by Broadimage/Shutterstock]