I mentioned this in the previous post, but I didn’t think to record the Rockefeller tree lighting — on account of never having watched it before — and now that I know people showed up and wore stuff, I have Big Regrets. Our image sources only had shots of two of the acts, and as of this writing it isn’t streaming anywhere. When will I learn?

For example, I missed Kelly Clarkson in a heavy Vera Wang blanket:

She is so cheerful and great, and this dress is just… anti-festive. Other than being plaid. It’s a perfectly fine plaid, but it’s not a plaid that screams, “YAAAY, ‘TIS THE SEASON, BRING ME A HOT CUP OF WASSAIL AND LET THE MERRIMENT COMMENCE.” It’s more of a plaid that is morosely humming them most depressing holiday tune ever: the Charlie Brown Christmas song. Having said that, given the state of things, maybe that’s the appropriate outlook. But if we’re going to light the damn tree, I feel like let’s just have everyone LEAKING SPIRIT.

Meghan Trainor, who is apparently having a baby in February, absolutely delivered on the festive front:


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She sang with Earth, Wind, and Fire, who are wearing the snazziest jackets. Meghan is dressed as a present, and it’s thoroughly ridiculous — I cannot stop laughing at it — and yet it’s 100 percent exactly what I wanted and what this event demanded. We are ALL looking forward to putting a metaphorical bow on this swamp monster of a year; Meghan just went ahead and DID IT. Bravo.

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