Reviews for Do Revenge, an homage to ’90s teen flicks that streams today on Netflix, seem to think that it’s a pretty entertaining ride. I saw the trailer, and something about the clips of Sarah Michelle Gellar doling out advice as a prep-school headmistress made me think, “It would be so funny if this turns out to be her character from Cruel Intentions.” Well, apparently I picked up what they were putting down:

And director [Jennifer] Robinson wanted to take that ode to ’90s films one step further. In fact, she rewrote the principal’s dialogue entirely once Robinson knew Gellar would be reading the script. “I just heard her and sat there and literally thought about Kathryn from ‘Cruel Intentions,’ like, if she was the headmaster of the school, what advice would she give?” Robinson said.

If we consider the ’90s the era of the true supermodels, then SMG is that equivalent in entertainment. She’s one of the Supers of the Screen, and I am HERE for her making a return. You can welcome in the youngs, but the O.G.s aren’t done yet, y’all.

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