Practically speaking, the scarf yoked to Blake Lively’s neck here serves so little purpose that I’m surprised she didn’t ditch it in the bathroom. Maybe it’s attached to her collar? That’s why God invented scissors, though. And while the head ribbon is a little twee, both of them together are too much and I’d scrap the scarf first. In those shoes, a few months along, you do NOT want to give a car door any excuse to catch on your clothes and knock you over.

That said, this is all very Serena van der Woodsen — shiny and glamorous and ever so leggy — and good for her, on baby #4, for having the energy to wear any of it at all. I am very happy for Blake and Ryan Reynolds, who are now only one child shy of a basketball team and three away from being the Connecticut Von Trapps. Honestly, if there is any current celebrity I can imagine skipping jubilantly around a beautiful mountain with a picnic basket over her arm, a song in her heart, and a line of kids dancing in her wake, it’s Blake. If she ever reboots her lifestyle blog, there’s her angle.

[Photo: John Angelillo/UPI/Shutterstock]