I’ve heard mixed reviews about Big Little Lies — my favorite one said something like, “it’s a mess but in a delightful way,” which sounds perfectly acceptable to me, given that all I can stand to watch on TV at the moment is rich ladies screaming at each other on Bravo as it is — and, in fact, I think I’m going to give each of these looks a mixed but mostly positive review.

I actually think Shailene looks pretty great — her dress is Elie Saab — but I wonder if she needs some jewelry? Or is the shininess of the dress jewelry enough? I would have given her a big, honking cocktail ring, I think. Whatever it is, while the dress itself is fab, she looks a little bit like she’s just trying it on, rather than actually wearing it out.

Over to Zoe, whose square bag is THE CUTEST EVER. She also looks pretty great, but I think it might be because she, as a human person, is very attractive and the beneficiary of some of the best genes in America. That’s the only explanation I can think of to explain how she’s kind of working an outfit that involves puffed arm warmers — three words that do not mesh well together.

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