There are a lot of women I could see wearing this dress. It’s very Jennifer Connelly, even though it’s Versace and not Louis Vuitton (especially with those shoes). Heidi Klum might wear it; you know she loves Versace. Kristen Stewart would have worn this at the height of her Sparkly Mini phase, and would look cute in it now, especially because her effed up, punk-y hair would bring a cool edge to it.¬†Naomie Harris could wear it and look very chic, although it’s not really her usual style. (I mean, let’s get real: Naomie Harris could pop up somewhere in a sports bra and pants made of candy wrappers and I’d be like, “you guys, this is still pretty great.”) Michelle Williams SHOULD wear this and make a change in her life and her choices. Katy Perry probably had this pulled for her at some point, for the Grammys.¬† Yara Shahidi would look very cool and charming in this (say, at the MTV Movie Awards). It’s a dress that could work on a lot of people. And it’s not that it doesn’t work on Diane. It’s just that her name NEVER would have sprung to mind.

[Photo: Getty Images]