This cover is SO GOOD. It feels like classic T&C to me — whimsical and dramatic and RICH.  Definitely click through to see the rest of the editorial — it’s honestly really great. The accompanying interview also touches on a lot of fashion and logistical details that you’re going to be interested in, including about Selma’s great Vanity Fair party look from a few years ago. I loved this quote about their friendship from Sarah Michelle Gellar:

“We have one of the purest friendships I have ever had. We’re able to be scared, to feel the highs and lows. Between Covid and her diagnosis, a lot of the barriers that we put up have been broken down. [Before the pandemic,] if she was having a bad day I would come over and crawl into bed with her, and we would lie there for hours and watch HGTV. We didn’t have to talk, and to me, real friendships are when you can sit in silence and know that the other person is there to love and support you.”

That is just very heart-warming and true.

In other news…obviously I need to learn more about revenge dressing. (That article also includes some old T&C covers that inspired this one, and they are AMAZING.) (And if you’re in the mood for more Selma, we have a red carpet retrospective!)

[Photographs by: Alexi Lubomirski]