This pairing was the gossipfest of the night, because apparently Bella Hadid — who, if the Swift Squad is even a thing anymore, would’ve crossed paths with Selena thanks to Gigi’s membership card — did not appreciate AT ALL that Selena started dating her ex-boyfriend shortly after their split, and the rumor mill is buzzing with tales of strong language and cold shoulders. And while I know that, yes, all these people ideally are fully realized humans who don’t define themselves by their relationships, I also know how much breakups STINK, and I like to imagine that Hollywood is all people trying to one-up each other in a bitter funk. All of which makes me wish Selena had decided up upstage Bella by showing up in something so massive and elaborate and artistic and PERFECTLY on-theme that she would be the talk of the night. (As it was, Bella got all the press for her perfunctory bodysuit.) Looking good can be great revenge, but looking majestically, artistically bonkers might be even better.

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