It’s drastic, sure, but I actually think she’s making it work.

When the rest of her doesn’t look like she rolled out of a discount brothel, she carries this nicely. Although I do still enjoy imagining her and Liam Hemsworth re-enacting a bunch of Roxette videos in their spare time.

But what happens when we factor in the rest of the outfit?

It’s not as bad as you probably feared. But it’s still a problem. Because I believe she wants to look nice here, and thinks she’s added some really pleasant edge, yet it’s thudding for me. If those really are stray threads, then she probably tailored the turtleneck herself with a pair of scissors. The shiny skirt may make her look long and lean, and that’s great, but it also looks like it cost $14.99 from the Tin Man’s new line at Kohl’s. Which is fine if it actually DID, but methinks not; there are few things weirder to me than spending a lot of money to make it look like you spent very little. And… listen, I get logo-wear from the standpoint of an actual fun or iconic symbol, like Chanel’s, or even Tory Burch’s medallion. But there should be some style to it. Stringing the word MOSCHINO across your stomach… there’s no flair there. It’s just a word. It’s human Wheel of Fortune. I hope they paid her for the billboard.

Still, on the whole… as much as I am ragging on the outfit, this could have gone in twenty scarier directions and for THAT I am grateful. So maybe it’s more of a… scrolldown meh.

[Photo: Getty]