First of all: This little dress on ScarJo is SO much cuter than her recent very weird and complicated blazer, even if it’s technically also way more boring. (I am a person who likes outfits she can see herself wearing rather than blazers that require boob tape, generally speaking.) I also support this tights/boots scenario. Essentially, this isn’t a world-burner, but nor does it makeĀ me want to burn things down, so let’s just ENJOY!

Second: Why isn’t Chris Evans at any of these events? He’s IN this movie. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy The Hems and his Brad Pitt Haircut, and how he looks like the cover model for one of those romance novels where the hero is a crabby sexy billionaire whose crankiness can only be cured by boning a medium-okay looking employee with moxie, whom he eventually marries. But I do not get why all these Avengers events are so light on Avengers? For that matter, where is Ruffalo? Whither RDJ? WHENCE GOOP! How are all these big stars getting out of all this shit?!

…is what I assume ScarJo, the Hems, and Paul Rudd are saying to each other every night at the bar.

[Photo: Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock]