It’s possible y’all won’t even get any further down than the sweater. I can’t decide how I feel about it, to be frank. Sometimes it seems like a fun, colorful explosion, and other times, just a very loud homage to bright round bugs. For me, it comes down to the styling; while dark pants make sense to me, I’d have liked it better with sleek leather pants and a strappy shoe. Something about the musty aura of bellbottoms envelops the top and makes the whole outfit seem less contemporary. Then again, some of Saoirse’s choices have teetered over the boundary of unusual and into Noted Kooksylvania, so maybe she’s just gently preparing us for the day when she becomes an eccentric seventy-something. We’ll probably be long dead by then, and our heads will have been preserved in robotic, cryogenic jars on the beans’ mantel so that we can still hang out and talk and bitch about television, but we’ll try to beam our thoughts to whatever that era’s version of Twitter is.

[Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock]