This feels tonally very different from yesterday’s Gucci kookfest. Which makes sense; I don’t know if very many people can sustain that level of head-to-toe campy brightness for days at a time, although she’s bringing some thunder at least with the earrings and her hot pink satin Louboutins. I love the vampy dark lip here, too, and bless her greatly for resisting the urge to wear a white pointy pump. Many a celebrity would have stepped into that trap, and we’d be griping and paging Uzo Aduba. But… is it just me, or does this whole ensemble need better tailoring? I love the IDEA of Saoirse in a polished, sleek suit, with a slight sexy edge, but this does not seem to be that suit. The jacket, in particular, looks too big, and thus in combination with the pants the whole thing is leaning more frumpy than funky. Raf Simons may have underwhelmed me so far at Calvin Klein, but under him, Dior still made great coat-dresses. You’d think they could apply some of that science here.

[Photo: WENN]