I assume awards season is going to be a LOT of these two making the rounds arm-in-arm, given that they’re the central couple in Call Me By Your Name, and Timothée is raking in nominations for it. I am fine with that. Armie has been working with Ilaria Urbinati, which means he’s exploring way more interesting colors than usual, and I think he looks quite sharp. Timothée got sucked in by some hipster hemming, I think; the overall look is amusingly a bit Bugsy Malone II: The Bug is Back — he could totally be ruling a teen mafia — but I do tend to think that pant length is awkward at best. However, what we really need to decide is whether we need to portmanteau them for easy joint reference. Armée Hamamet might be my vote, but I’m open to suggestions.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]