Well, we’re seeing this early this week thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday — no pun intended — but the good news is that we’ve got LOADS TO COVER. BOTH Meghan and Kate came out today  — ladies, I love you, but I’ve got a LOT to do right now and I need you to stay home until Friday. Thanks very much.

In case you missed it here earlier this week, Harry and Meghan went to the Royal Variety performance and I liked Meghan’s outfit but I was alone on that island!

Also! We looked at some of the shots from the set of season three of The Crown and their Prince Charles looks good, AND Olivia Colman is a treasure.

Elsewhere, of interest:

Omid Scobie had excellent coverage of Meghan’s outing today, at Harper’s Bazaar.

I appreciate this new portrait of Chaz and Princess Anne. [Town & Country]

There are some INTRIGUING rumors, at Harper’s Bazaar, about where Harry and Meghan plan to live in the upcoming months. FWIW…I do not believe that statement from KP (the update) is wholly truthful, although I suspect it is TECHNICALLY true at this current exact moment in time. There is no way Harry and Meghan are going to stay in NottCott when they are in London once they have kids. (My theory is that the news that they might be looking to move out of KP leaked, and that it was grounded in some fact — ie, they were maybe considering it — and then people started speculating that this meant M&H and W&K aren’t getting along that well, and they needed to staunch that bleeding. Also, I would be surprised if, ultimately, they are allowed to move out, because it would cost a fortune in added security costs if they did. But time will tell!) [FRIDAY NIGHT EDIT: Emily Andrews is reporting that H&M are moving to Windsor, and in part because H&W aren’t getting along very well. DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNNN.]

MORE JUICY INTEL: Princess Beatrice has a new boyfriend and everyone thinks they’re going to get married. Oh, Bea. I hope you’re not doing this in haste because you feel like everyone else is married but you. You’re young and pretty and rich! LIVE IT UP.  [InStyle]

This story, at VF, just makes me chuckle: New Report: Meghan Markle’s “Up and at ‘Em West Coast Energy” Has Palace Staff Baffled. You guys, she TEXTS IDEAS TO PEOPLE!!! Scandale!

Oooh, at the Court Jeweller, it’s the Most Expensive Jewels from the big Bourbon-Parma Auction at Sotheby’s this week.

I laughed at this headline at Celebitchy: Duchess Meghan’s 2018 American tax filing is going to be a gigantic mess. Join the club, Meghan!

At Pajiba: Will Meghan Markle Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year? (I certainly hope Harry’s made the Chex Mix.)

And, on social media:

A bit of VIDEO ACTION from both Duchesses outings today:

Harry is promoting getting HIV tests again, which is great!

They sent Andy to Oz:

Euj is plugging along doing good stuff:



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