OMG, it appears that Olivia Colman is a HOOT. Everyone here looks like they are having the best time, honestly, which is delightful. They appear to be filming Prince Charles’s investiture as Prince of Wales — an event for which I own the commemorative mug! — and, yes, Colman’s hat is quite accurate. You can see the whole thing here and the outfits are PROFOUNDLY dated:

Real Chaz introduces the newsreel footage and it’s kind of amazing. First, he is correct when he notes that “the British do these kind of ceremonies well,” and also I appreciate that he appears to be sitting in front of two drums stacked on each other and then a plant shoved on top of them for some inexplicable reason. But also the newsreel is an experience. EVERY HAT in it is bonkers, and Philip is dishy in that suit. Good for you, Liz.

Like, what is Anne wearing on her head?


That shot is also a good reminder that Anne was gorgeous back in the day. Anyway, it looks like they’re getting it very right this season and having fun doing it, which is nice. Flip through ye olde slideshow for all the shenanigans.

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