You might remember Pia Toscano from the first Jennifer Lopez season of American Idol (she lost in the Top 9; that lukewarm slice of country milquetoast Scotty McCreery won, and yes, I both watched it AND had to look that up). She is most often to be seen now singing the national anthem at L.A. Kings games if they are good enough to make the playoffs — she’s very good at it — and you might think, “Okay, well, maybe she wore this dress to a record label holiday party. Or to a knockoff Victoria’s Secret event. Or a Maxim thing. Does Maxim still exist? If it does, that is what this is for. Right?” No. She wore this… to the Christmas tree lighting at The Grove, a swanky outdoor mall in Los Angeles. Katharine McPhee was there in the front row in a giant sweater. Santa Claus was also there in what amounts to a giant sweater, as is his wont. And if Santa is there, and tree lights are being turned on, you can bet there were a fair few children in the crowd, many of whose parents might be wondering what about lighting a Christmas tree with Santa compelled her to dress up like a leg lamp. Wait, did I just solve it? Still, I’d be willing to bet at least one person sat on Santa’s knee and said Pia should get a costume change for Christmas.