I just fell into a long-ass writerly wormhole about why I think Michelle Williams attended the unveiling of the Saks holiday windows — which are lovely and festive! — and then I realized NO ONE is thinking that hard about Michelle Williams on the day before Thanksgiving. Not even Busy Philipps! The short version is: I suspect someone at Saks called her up and said, “hey, wanna come to our holiday window thing? The fee is pretty good,” and she was like, “WHY NOT?” When Venom came out, she gave a really honest and thoughtful interview to The Hollywood Reporter about how she’s starting taking some projects for the money, and I wish more actors were that forthcoming. You don’t have to slag off your big paycheck project — Michelle is very adept in that interview at melding both “I thought a superhero movie would be fun,” and “tiny arthouse movies don’t pay the bills” — and people are smart enough to get it. Back in the super heyday of celebrity front rows at Fashion Week, Heather and I would see the most random combination of celebs and designers, like the time Chloe Sevigny and an Olsen twin came to Miss Sixty. They were there because designers were paying people $60,000 – $1oo,ooo to sit front row. I’d sit through almost anything for a hundred thousand dollars! Those shows are only 30 minutes long! GET THAT SAKS CASH, MICHELLE! Holiday windows are festive as hell! I look at them for free!

Also: This outfit is really cute.

[Photo by Neil Rasmus/BFA/REX/Shutterstock]