Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! To the rest of you: May the remainder of your week be a delight. To all of you: Thank you for being here! This site would not exist without every single one of you, and we’re deeply grateful for your support every day — not to mention your smarts, good humor, and warmth. We are so lucky to have you.

At Lainey, JOSH JACKSON HAS A NEW GIRLFRIEND?!?!?! (She’s named Jodie Turner-Smith, and she’s about to play Grace Jones in the new Marvin Gaye biopic, and she’s also in the new Lena Waithe-penned romance. AND per these photos, she and I own the same pair of sunglasses, so we’d clearly get along. INVITE ME OVER FOR BEERS, YOU GUYS!)

This is an amazing piece about Nirvana’s “Nevermind” at the New Yorker.

TOMS gave five million dollars to charities working to end gun violence and they figured out how to do it in just 12 days. Guess I’m gonna buy some TOMS! [Fast Company]

This is a mess, at Business Insider: LuLaRoe is facing mounting debt, layoffs, and an exodus of top sellers, and sources say the $2.3 billion legging empire could be imploding.

SO RELEVANT TO OUR INTERESTS, at The Strategist: The 100 Best Pens, As Tested by Strategist Editors. I have notes!!!!

At The Outline: Welcome to the Witch Capital of Norway. Don’t mind if I do.

This is a horrifying read with a happy ending, and I cried reading it: How My Brother Survived The Camp Fire. “You tell yourself he’s an Eagle Scout. You tell yourself he’s level-headed. You tell yourself it’s possible to think your way out of a firestorm. You tell yourself these things and you believe them not at all.” (Again, if you can give to the Camp Fire victims, please consider doing so. It has been an unimaginable tragedy. Thank you so much.)

Quite a read, at Broadly — this is kinda old, but I just saw it, and the subject is timeless: The Victorian Occultist Accused of Killing Men With Her Mind. Good for you, girl.

Also at Lainey: It’s Mandy Moore’s wedding dress! (And other interesting bits and pieces.)

This is some weird-ass behavior, via ELLE: Woman Discovers a Stranger Has Been Recreating Her Instagram Photos for Almost 2 Years. Including her captions!

At The Atlantic: The Fleeting Magic of Scholastic Book Fairs

Speaking of books! It’s End of the Year List Time, and here’s the New York Times’s 100 Notable Books of 2018

And, at Smithsonian, this is neat: Mary Katharine Goddard, the Woman who Signed the Declaration of Independence. She sounds pretty rad, and also bedeviled by irritating men.

At The Mary Sue: Why Were We So Into Cruel Intentions? (Spoiler: It’s because of SMG.)

Fascinating, at Longreads: The Fault in Our Stars: On Fake Celebrity Interviews. In their words, “[f]ake celebrity interviews have been around for years, but Germany has seemingly become one of the largest exporters.” Say what?

Not a fan of 2018? Here’s Science on why 536 was ‘the worst year to be alive.’ It does sound pretty bad!

At The Goods: Don’t buy your friends an abandoned Spanish village, no matter what Gwyneth Paltrow says.

Finally! We got a request on Twitter today, and I invite you to HAVE AT IT: Fug National OhanaCat asked for suggestions for movies to stream over the long weekend. What have you got?