What a week. At least Royals Round-Up has Prince Harry, animals, tiaras, giant hats, interesting cakes, beautiful locations, children, shopping, miniature boats, and more.

Additionally: If you missed it earlier this week, we are recapping The Crown at the rate of two recaps per week. You can read the first two here.

Additionally additionally: As today is Veteran’s Day in the US, so is the UK observing Remembrance Day, which means that Wills and Kate and Harry will be out and about at a variety of events this weekend. Our coverage of that will go up Sunday, all in one fell swoop, so please come by and check it out.


– Obviously, the big news of the week is the press release Prince Harry and KP sent out, telling everyone to back off Meghan Markle, which Lainey covers very well. This is unprecedented (and also kinda happened in The Royal We). And good for him, honestly. Shocker of shockers, the Daily Mail has been absolutely appalling in the way they’ve covered Markle, and Harry was absolutely right to call everyone out on the racism that’s been exhibited toward her.

– Also at Lainey: Meghan’s been spotted walking to and from Kensington Palace. She’s in town and he’s set to go to a rugby match tomorrow. I have even money on her being there. The royals LOVE to slowly introduce their girlfriends at sporting events. This ALSO happens in The Royal We. Should we send her a copy?

Vanity Fair has a really interesting bit on QE2 and Phil’s marriage, tied to The Crown. (VF is ALWAYS spot on in terms of Juicy Royals Pieces, bless them.)

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