Well, it’s been…quite a week. To the veterans and anyone in the Armed Forces who may be reading this on Veteran’s Day (or whenever), thank you for your service. Team Rubicon, an excellent charity that’s been recommended by various Fug Nationals, is currently raising money, in case that’s of interest to you.  In related news, we will be running a chat next week focusing on people’s favorite local, nationwide, and international organizations to give money to, so start making your list.

– If you knit or crochet, you might like to join the Fug Nation group on Ravelry

– At The Cut: 25 Famous Women on Resilience and Rebellion

– This is an older article, but it helped me this week, at The Establishment: Depression-Busting Exercise Tips For People Too Depressed To Exercise

– Via Pajiba:  Just a Bunch of Barack Obama and Joe Biden BFF Memes Because We Need That

– Related, White House photographer Pete Souza has picked fifty-five of his favorite photos taken over the last eight years. They are really, really great. [The Sun]

– Enjoy a bunch of pictures of fat, grumpy cats. Literally. [Pete Thorne]

– This did made me laugh. There was a glitch in Facebook today that turned A LOT of profiles into memorial profiles. I mean, a lot of us are in a bad mood, but we’re not – as far as I know — LITERALLY DEAD YET. [The Verge]

– Vulture brings us Your Guide to TV’s British Period Dramas, Sorted Chronologically by Era. Useful!

– At Atlas Obscura: The Long Death of Product 19, the Most Beloved Cereal You’ve Never Heard Of

– At Celebitchy, Drake and Taylor Swift are allegedly dating? I can’t do this right now, you two.

– At Revelist: 19 books Jess will obnoxiously reference in the ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival

– At the New Potato, a matter of interest to many: How To Pack A Carry-On

– You may find peace in looking at these photos of well-organized kitchens. [Design*Sponge]

– Do you want a drink? Bon Appetit asked a bunch of newscasters what they’re drinking now that the election is over.

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