For the most part, I like this. It’s VERY old-school punk Gwen to me.

And given that a lot of people have felt like Gwen’s face looks a little different now from her heyday, shooting her at an angle was smart. That mitigates the effect somewhat. One knock for me is that the way she’s holding the coat looks really forced — I THINK she’s wearing it but slid it off her shoulders, and then… yanked part of it up again? But: Where it really got me is her forehead. Look at where the A collides with her face. I can’t tell what’s causing it, be it Photoshop or the angle or a combination of weird illusions, but her forehead comes to a weird little ski jump right where her eyebrow is. Stare at it, cover the A with your finger, stare at it some more… it’s not right, is it? Somehow? I can’t believe a spot of her forehead is throwing me off this much, but I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t nitpicking everything.

Speaking of which… introducing a Man of the Year, AND having it be Bono, felt a little boring. Firstly, why can’t women have this all to themselves? And secondly, is Bono really that starved of people and things that will celebrate him? Come on now. My actual theory is that they wanted someone they couldn’t book for the big event, and he was a late flyer. (My actual ACTUAL theory, given that the event is Monday, is that they wanted Hillary but couldn’t lock it down enough in advance to make it work for them.) But this lineup is: Tracee Ellis Ross, Simone Biles, Ashley Graham, the three Black Lives Matter founders (Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi), the Stanford sexual assault survivor, anti-ISIS activist Nadia Murad, Miuccia freaking Prada, Gwen, and Zendaya. I’m not sure this needed one more person of ANY stripe, much less the introduction of a dude. Can’t women have this one thing to themselves?!?