ALL the royals are drinking this week, including Maxima from a giant beer stein. Cheers!

In case you missed it yesterday, Kate dug around in the dirt with a variety of school children.

Elsewhere on the internet:

We talked about this in yesterday’s post, but there’s some weird story brewing about Kate, Wills, and the Marchioness of Cholmondeley that I can’t quite parse in a real way, mostly because it seems like we’re only getting 15% of the story and the rest of the 85% is people making wild speculation. As I said yesterday, obviously, if Wills is stepping out on Kate, I shall murder him with my two small hands, but I’m not sure that this totally passes the smell test, not least because the original sources are sort of questionable. [Vanity Fair]

I’m sure Meghan is DELIGHTED about this: A Lost Meghan Markle Project May See the Light of Day. (At first, I thought this was the pilot her ex was shopping, but it is not; since that first broke, I have to say, he has been admirably quiet and discreet. He went to USC and is about my age, and I’ve actually heard through the grapevine that he’s a good dude.) [Vanity Fair]

This is so interesting and good: Queen Victoria’s Small Coronet Has a Big Story. [New York Times]

Priyanka Chopra has denied feuding with Meghan. I both wholly believe that they are NOT feuding and also don’t think she’d admit it if it were true! Like, she’s not going to turn to Andy Cohen and say, “yep! We had a huge blow-up where I cried about her not bothering to come to my wedding, and then she accused me of using our friendship to get more press and we both feel terrible about it but neither one of us wants to make the first move to make up NOW YOU KNOW.” [Vogue]

At Town & Country, new pics of the new Harry & Meghan Lifetime movie, the plot of which I cannot conceive, though I suppose it will get to encompass all that shizz that went down with Samantha and Meghan’s father, which is certainly very dramatic. “Meghan” can cry that she’s ruining everything with her unruly family; “Harry” can avow that nothing can ruin their love, etc. Okay, great, I figured it out! I just needed to envision what’s going to go on for those two hours. (ICYMI, we recapped the first one and I actually really liked it.)

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This is lovely:

Harry Kane!

These sunglasses on Anne….

This is also great (I love seeing investitures!)

Put this King to work!

I believe Crown Princess Mary is in Ethiopia:

This is a good shirt!

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