Happy Friday! (Or whatever day you might be reading this.)

Wouldn’t you be happier with a new cute light cardigan? We rounded some up!

At LitHub: The Quest to Acquire the Oldest, Most Expensive Book on the Planet. YES it’s about the Gutenberg Bible.

The New Yorker profiled stylist Karla Welch this week, and the piece is so good and interesting.

Also great at The New Yorker: The Passionate, Progressive Politics of Julia Child

At Lainey, this is juicier than the headline would imply: Kate Beckinsale is surprised by the interest people have in her relationship with Pete Davidson

This big piece at Vanity Fair about Fan Bingbing’s mysterious disappearance (and re-appearance) is very interesting.

As a reminder, Keanu Reeves is the best. [Lainey Gossip]

Also really pretty good, and my favorite Chris? Evans, whose recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter (and sweater-clad photoshoot) was an excellent read.

The Cut asks: Why Is Stalking People on Venmo So Addictive?

This oral history of 10 Things I Hate About You, on its 20th (gulp) anniversary, is delightful and bittersweet.

At Celebitchy: Nicolas Cage WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

At Pajiba: The Secrets of the Cast of ‘Troop Beverly Hills’, Revealed!

Over at The Mary Sue, this is VERY relevant to many of our interests: The Best Depictions of the Tudor Women in Television and Film

Super interesting, at the Washington Post: How do celebrity publicists operate in an era when the truth can mean anything?

This is some real service journalism for me! Food & Wine runs down the best coffee in every state.

At Socialite Life, I’d seen a lot of headlines about this but I didn’t realize there was video footage: Adele and Jennifer Lawrence Hit Up NYC Gay Bar and Everyone Lost Their Collective Minds. It is raucous!