So, I was going about my business this morning and a news alert popped up on my laptop and I only saw the first two words, and they were “KATE MIDDLETON” and, you guys, I have no idea what the rest of the story was. It could have been anything from “KATE MIDDLETON CONFESSES SHE HATES BROCCOLI,” to “KATE MIDDLETON, PRINCE WILLIAM DIVORCING OVER FEUD ABOUT DVR; ‘How Could He Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Without Me?'” to “KATE MIDDLETON, MEGHAN MARKLE STARTING ALL-FEMALE EXERCISE STUDIO CALLED PRINCESS PILATES” to “KATE MIDDLETON SEIZES CONTROL OF BRITISH THRONE, IS NOW QUEEN: ‘Only I Can Fix This Brexit Thing.'” I guess we’ll find out eventually if it’s the last one!

ANYWAY, today she had an event celebrating the 100th anniversary of UK Scouting (I guess this is the co-ed version of the US’s Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts, though I thought that was Girl Guides. One of you savvy Brits will correct me!) where she did things like climb into a leafy hut with a tiny and very adorable child:

That video is so cute. All those kids are just yelling indiscriminately. Kate is wearing a gold lamé caftan and a hat made of a discarded stock pot, as one does for camping. Actually, she looks very outdoorsy — I actually really like those Chloe hiking boots although I do not and never shall hike (and certainly wouldn’t in Chloe boots!) and I say this every time she wears them. I want them to wear with dresses! The whole thing is a re-wear (which makes sense, she’s literally climbing into tree-holes) consisting of her trusty J.Crew sweater (which is, FYI, currently on big sale), her old Barbour jacket, and her beloved skinny jeans. Which — and please know that I say this as a person who literally wears the same skinny jeans as Kate does because I bought them because of her, and I am wearing them right now; I truly love a tight jean — I actually think are starting to look a little dated on her. I don’t think they’re, like, INAPPROPRIATE FOR THE CHILDREN!!!! or whatever, but it might be time for Kate to update her denim wardrobe a little. Maybe just a new wash, or a different rise! (I, in fact, had to link to a different rise because J.Brand only makes the super-skinnies in a high-rise now. Which I also own and quite like, if you care. I am certain you do.)

I actually think THIS was the headline:


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