Hey y’all! No slideshow today, because all the royals are staying home, as they should be (although Anne was doing engagements as recently as Tuesday. If you can stay home STAY HOME). But I thought it might be useful to still have a dedicated post, instead of rolling this into Fugs and Pieces, as there is still news to discuss.

Also, in case you missed it, we did a Royal Rewind to look at Max and Wax’s wedding; more to come in the weeks ahead. (I joked the other day that if this goes on as long as I think it will, we’re going to end up with me writing about Eleanor of Aquitaine’s wedding to Henry II, illustrated with paintings. Which would be sort of amusing.)

I also put together a large piece, on St. Patrick’s Day, of Kate and Meghan wearing green.

In other news:

Here’s the story on Wills and Kate’s visit today.

This is a clickbait-y headline, but the article is really interesting: Could the coronavirus pandemic see Princess Beatrice become ‘acting monarch’?

Speaking of Bea, the wedding is off. (Not the marriage, just the wedding.) Honestly, at this point, she and Edo should just get privately married and forget the party. [The Cut]

At T&C, Prince Albert has tested positive for coronavirus. I can’t imagine he’ll be the last royal to get it; they are in contact with so many people over the course of an event. Luckily, they will have the best medical care, but it’s still concerning.

The Queen has gone to Windsor, which is wise. Philip joined her there from Sandringham. [People]

The Cambridges are home from school. I feel like Kate will do well with this.  Charlotte can finally get some real time with her chemistry set. [Vanity Fair]

This is perhaps a soothing collection of royals in spring fashion, at Tatler.

Also at Tatler: King Felipe of Spain renounces inheritance from scandal-hit father

On social media:

We’ve got videos of Kate and Will’s engagement today:

We didn’t get pics yet, for some reason. (I hope because they didn’t send the whole photo pool.) I like Kate’s suit. (It’s from Marks and Spencer.)

This is delightful, although it is old. It still sparks joy!:

Not a surprise here:

This is timely:

They’re applauding the medical community here: