You guys, I’m exhausted! It’s been quite a week: Oscars, and two (short but mighty) royal tours, and we’re working on our sequel to The Royal We, which means I’ve been typing all the types. Or something. ANYWAY! It’s a joy and pleasure, and this slideshow has a lot of fancy shenanigans to bring you happiness. Also, people within are drinking heavily.

If you missed anything earlier this week, let me catch you up:

Harry and Meghan went to Morocco, and we have full coverage here.

Wills and Kate went to Northern Ireland, and we have full coverage here.

Elsewhere of interest:

At the Court Jeweller: JAPAN CELEBRATES AN IMPERIAL ANNIVERSARY. Whoa, that cut and paste of the headline came through in a dramatic all caps!

Vanity Fair asks, Do Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Know the Sex of Their Baby? Reports have it that Meghan told everyone at the shower that they’re having a boy. I don’t know that I buy this? Not because all the details at the shower were pink — though they were — but mostly because I think they’re gonna play this one close to the vest. (Unless Meghan told one person this and is using it as a way to figure out who her mole is!)

Related, at Page Six: I was WONDERING why Priyanka Chopra wasn’t at Meghan’s shower, and allegedly (take with all the grains of salt) they’re in a fight.

This is a delicious howler from the Guardian about all the former royal employees who have taken to writing tut-tutting pieces for the Daily Mail about Meghan/what Princess Diana would think of her. (Every time I see that Former Royal Chef Paul Burrell is offering his thoughts, I roll my eyes so hard they actually hurt.) To wit: “It is up to you whether you find Patrick more or less hilarious than Princess Diana’s former spiritual healer, Simone Simmons, whose psychic odyssey has taken her frequently to the newspapers. Simone gets perfectly furious if you call her a chancer, so let me simply say that, about 18 months ago, she told newspaper readers that Princess Di had been in touch to say she’d have voted for Brexit.”

News you can use, at The Cut: How Idris Elba Ended Up DJing the Royal Wedding

Super interesting, at Maclean’s: Princess Patricia: The first modern princess

This is a really cute story, at Town & Country: Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Organizing Swimming Races for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

And, on social media:

Look at these noodles!

Look at THESE noodles!

I appreciate that she COMMITS:

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