This week has been SO DAMN LONG. I’ve been confused about what day it is all week. And now Luke Perry’s had a stroke?!?! I cannot.

Anyway, here’s some stuff to read:

At Elle, this interview with Beyonce’s press rep is really interesting: The Bey Keeper: Yvette Noel-Schure Stands Between the World and Beyoncé

At Lainey: I really appreciate how OVER IT Lainey is on the topic of Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga.

I thought I was going to NAIL THIS and I super did not. It’s really cool: The Gyllenhaal Experiement [The Pudding]

Also at Lainey: So THIS is Emma Stone’s new beau.

Interesting, at Atlas Obscura: In 1930s Tunisia, French Doctors Feared a ‘Tea Craze’ Would Destroy Society

At Celebitchy, I’ve never felt closer to Don Cheadle: Don Cheadle on attending Oscars: ‘The camera is on, you can’t bag on people like you want’

This is GREAT news, at Business of Fashion: J.Crew Taps Chris Benz as Head of Women’s Design. He’s PERFECT for this gig.

Fascinating, at Smithsonian: Here’s How Horticulturalists Made the Michelle Obama Orchid

I’m always here for this feature, at Town & Country: The Highlights from the 2019 Oscars Gift Bag

This is almost good news, at Pajiba: Rotten Tomatoes Fixes Rating System After ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Review Bombing

At The Mary Sue: For Many of Us, Regina King Was Already a Star.

So interesting, at the New York Times: Rembrandt in the Blood: An Obsessive Aristocrat, Rediscovered Paintings and an Art-World Feud