So, it’s been a very eventful couple of days in Great Britain, no? Can I make anyone a cup of tea…? How about a LOT of photos of Prince Harry, being adorable with children and flaunting his manly forearms? Because that I can definitely do.

ICYMI around here:

– Kate rewore one of my FAVORITE GOWNS ever.

– We covered the hats of Royal Ascot!

Elsewhere of interest:

– This week’s Jewel History is very diverting. (The Court Jeweller)

– Maclean’s explains whether or not the Queen can vote (in short, she does not vote — in order to remain neutral — and neither do higher ranking royals like Harry, although they technically could. If I were Kate, it would really grate on me that I couldn’t vote.)

– What Would Kate Do explains why the media still uses the name “Kate Middleton.” I noted to them on Twitter what one of you so wisely pointed out last week, too, which is that we all still use the maiden names of MANY queens — including those of all of Henry VIII’s wives.

– The Royal Hats Blog has good coverage of Luxembourg’s National Day. My concern about Princess Stephanie’s taste level continues; her dress is pretty, but that hat is from the Makeshift Head Bandage school of thought.