FIRST! This slideshow really does have everything: Adorable cousin shenanigans, donuts, Mail Robots, hideous pants, tantric sex practitioners, personalized trains, and horses wearing jewelry.

Second: Kate paid a surprise visit to victims of the London Bridge terror attack earlier this week, in case you missed that.

Third: Kate ALSO had an engagement this morning at which she wore pants that made me wax poetic about my own pants wardrobe!

Finally, tomorrow, Saturday, is Trooping the Colour, so come back and check out our coverage if you’re in the mood for some royal babies and people in giant hats.


- This was a great and fascinating obit: Patricia Knatchbull, a Grande Dame of Britain’s Elite, Dies at 93. (AKA Lady Mountbatten; if you read Daughter of Empire, which I am always recommending here, she’s the author’s younger sister.)

– At The Conversation: Not merely costume: the power and seduction of the Queen’s hat

– Town & Country reports: What It’s Like to Have Dinner with Prince Harry. SO MANY LOGISTICS! (Which, as you know, I love.)

– Hello! rounds up all of Kate’s Trooping The Colour looks of years past.

– At People, a full round-up of Meghan Markle’s recent appearance at ATX. She did NOT scream, “PRINCE HARRY WAXES HIS BACK” or the like whilst in public.

– Our friends at The Court Jeweller review a book truly jam-packed with jewels.

– Esquire wonders, Will Prince Charles Change His Name When He Becomes King?

British Vogue has some suggestions for Kate’s wardrobe for this summer’s visit to Poland and Germany. I…am not sure they’re going to be proven correct with some of these, but you never know!

LOTS of social media the week. The Belgians, for example, are ON IT:

[For all of those, FYI, you can click on the tweet and it should take you to Twitter, where you can flip through the pics.]

This hat feels so right on Maxima: