We have a LOT to cover today — and lots that happened this week, that you may have missed. For example, Wills and Kate and the kids have been in Germany and Poland all week, and we’ve got complete coverage of it here, if you’ve missed any of it. They also went to the men’s finals at Wimbledon on Saturday, in case you missed that.

Around the internet:

– The Mirror had an interesting piece about Wills and Kate’s (greatly) increased security presence in Poland and Germany.

– At Traveler: Queen Victoria’s Royal Terrace Opens to the Public for the First Time

– Related: Buckingham Palace has opened for the summer season — GO, if you’re going to be in London; the tour is awesome (although we did the Christmas one, which is AMAZING because it’s smaller and they give you booze) — and Wills and Harry recreated their mother’s desk as part of the exhibit (which is royal gifts, and which I wish I could see). Diana’s desk was much neater than mine. [People]

– This is totally hearsay, but I like to think that this is the Queen’s favorite song. [Gay Times]

–The BBC claims to have uncovered “the royal dress code.” (It’s all kinda speculation that we already know, but.)

– At Town & Country: A Rare Piece of Jewelry That Belonged to Wallis Simpson Goes Up for Auction. It’s honestly kind of an amazing piece, too.

– Order of Splendor has a big piece on Queen Margrethe’s INSANE RAINCOAT (which you saw in the slideshow).

In social media:

In a late add — this was released like an hour after I published this post — Prince Noodle McGee’s newest birthday portrait (snapped by Chris Jackson, one of the best royal photogs [who is also recently married to Kate’s personal assistant, so I suspect he’s around a bit and ergo George is familiar with him]):

It was a big holiday in Belgium, and everyone there looked very nice. (Lilac seems to be the color of the day.)

This is a very crisp look on Letizia:

These are great:


[Photos: Getty, WENN, Hillberg & Berk]