Another week gone by! We’ve got some charming stuff in this week’s slideshow, so that’s nice.

Lots happened this week, by which I mean Kate was very busy. In case you missed it:

She and Wills attended Holocaust Memorial Day ceremonies.

She wore a swingy skirt at one event with cute kidlets

…and skinny jeans at another.

Also, she and Wills are going to the BAFTAs on Sunday, which we’ll cover here as usual. Apparently, the BAFTAs are asking people to wear vintage, sustainable fashion, or re-wear something they already own, so I’ll be interested to see what she pulls out. I assume it will be a re-wear.


This story about Prince George really made me chuckle. [Tatler]

At T&C: Inside the Top-Secret Work of the Official Royal Jeweler

Via Royal Central, I guess the royals of Luxembourg are in some dramz because the Grand Duchess is, to paraphrase, kind of a nightmare. But ALSO it seems like they’re in some kind of major financial drama?

Really interesting, at The New Yorker: So, When Can We Buy a Piece of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? 

I thought this piece about Harry and Meghan — ostensibly, but it’s really about the entire royal family — at Airmail, was interesting. Some of it, some of you will disagree with, but I thought the takes on how terrible the royal family is at communicating was very interesting. There’s also some juicy old-school inside logistics stuff.

At the NYT: Prince Andrew Offers ‘Zero Cooperation’ in Epstein Case, Prosecutor Says.  What a surprise!!!!!!!!!!

And in social media:

This look is glam on Camz!

I assume Kate is putting this on her Pinterest:

This is very cute!

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