This week’s round-up encompasses everything from the Pope to the circus. Seriously.

And elsewhere:

People explains why Charlene — as pictured in the slideshow today — wore white to meet the Pope. It’s complicated and interesting.

– Sophie Wessex turned 51 on Wednesday, and Hello! of course rounded up a variety of facts about her.

You can now take a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace! This would have been helpful when we were writing The Royal We, guys. (Royal Central)

Shit is getting real for Spain’s Infanta Cristina, if I may be blunt. Money laundering is no joke. But I did laugh a little when I read that the other party in this palaver is “a former Olympic handball champion.” OF COURSE. (The Guardian)

– You’ll enjoy this interview with a former Buckingham Palace chef.  I LOVE royal logistics, and this is chockful of them. For example: “Staff breakfast was at seven o’clock. Nine o’clock was the royal breakfast. The challenge came from making five or six different breakfasts. Maybe five of the royals ate together, but then the Queen would eat by herself. Or Prince Andrew would eat by himself and then there’d be other people visiting who needed to be served. There was also the household breakfast, which was for all the people who were masters of the household, like the ladies in waiting.” He also claims that his carrot cake was revolutionary. Er, not literally. (Lucky Peach)

– This is an interesting bit from Anne Leibovitz about photographing the Queen. The word “feisty” is used. (The Duchess Diary)

– Harry will surely be pleased to hear that the British Army has a new goat. (Mashable)

– At The Court Jeweller, excellent coverage of the Norwegian Silver Jubilee, and other silver jubilees in general.

– Have you voted in What Kate Wore’s poll to determine the best of Kate’s coats in 2015? This is a question near and dear to me.