To the boot room! Wait, wrong post. To the links!

Oh! A programming note. I will be recapping The X-Files — as I said on Twitter yesterday, I’ve had a ten year hiatus and I don’t know if it will be enough — but the first two episodes are going to be air on Sunday night, then on Monday night, and I’m going to bring them to you in one block, ideally on Tuesday. (I can’t turn around Downton and TXF overnight on Sunday without dying. We, unfortunately, don’t get screeners.) The War & Peace recap will pop up at some point after that (it’s ALSO two hours on Monday night). Yay, TV!

National Geographic has done a totally amazing post about all the archaeological finds they’re unearthed in London lately. To wit: “Peel back the pavement of a grand old city like London and you can find just about anything, from a first-century Roman fresco to a pair of medieval ice skates—even an elephant’s tooth. “

Tatler has rounded up a totally frivolous collection of photos of James Norton, including a shirtless pic. Just go. I’ll be here when you get back.

– Business of Fashion reports that Grace Coddington is taking a step back at Vogue.

– Bustle explains what your first fictional crush from literature says about you.

– This is an interesting post at Fashionista:  How Eddie Redmayne Became Transgender Pioneer Lili Elbe in ‘The Danish Girl’

– In the same Costume Designers Speak category, Esquire has a good piece about what it takes to dress Bond.

– Y’all might like seeing Mulder and Scully canoodling on the cover of Variety. (Celebitchy)

Are Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Evans dating???!?! I have feelings. Primary of which is, GOOD FOR HER.  Second, though, the source is Life & Style, so this is probably just wishful thinking. (The Hollywood Gossip)

– On this topic, Liam Hemsworth and Miley are engaged again. Is it weird that I’m rather pleased about this? (Lainey)

– This is so amusing, over at Frock Flicks: Top 10 Shitty 1980s TV Historical Costume Movies. I cannot stress enough how much you need to see some of these.

Buzzfeed’s piece on the current Tennis Fixing Scandal is juicy. (I saw this when Andy Roddick tweeted it, which is ALSO juicy)

– Vulture has ranked every episode of The X-Files. I might have reordered the top ten very slightly, but I mostly agree with it.

– Lainey weighs in on this Amy Schumer/joke-stealing thing.

– Can I interest you in The Ultimate DIY Face Mask Guide? I thought so. (The New Potato)

– This story about why there was so little Rey merchandise in the first wave of Star Wars toys is ENRAGING. It makes me all like:

– Finally, a Fug National has asked me to put the call out to other readers who may be filmmakers who’d like to submit “short works that address death, dying, end of life decisions, grief, mourning rituals, and whatever other “Death Positive” or death-y topics they care to explore” to the Death Salon Film Festival at Aurora, in Houston, Texas. If that’s you, the submission page is here, and good luck!