Harry is back, and he’s being adorable with children! Thank god.

Also, brace yourself, because Kate has a bunch of events coming up in the next few weeks. Just what we needed! We also are recapping Victoria, so catch up if you’ve fallen behind.

Elsewhere of interest:

– Our friends at What Kate Wore have all the deets on Kate’s upcoming engagements.

Town and Country has coverage of Harry and Meghan’s recent date night.

– Vogue brings you some escapism: Vacation Like a Royal: Tracing Princess Margaret’s Footsteps Through Mustique

Her Maj is now selling sparkling wine. POUR ME SOME. [Hello!]

– Max and Wax celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary this week, and Order of Splendor looked back at the ceremony. I LOVE Maxima’s dress.

– This is a really interesting piece at The Court Jeweller about a necklace of Diana’s (kinda. You’ll see) that’s currently up for auction.

And, as ever, your social media round-up: