Read some stuff!

– This is a great interview at Atlas Obscura with writer Rahawa Haile about her experience hiking the Appalachian Trail.

– From our friend Kim France, writing at The Cut: Don’t Tell Me to Dress My Age

– You need to see Idris Elba getting Valentine’s Day advice from children. [Lainey]

Vibe brings us an in-depth look at how BET’s New Edition miniseries was made.

– Also at Lainey, Mariah Carey is still working out in heels. BLESS HER.

– At Vanity Fair: The Unstoppable Zendaya

– This is a very interesting piece at the Denver Post about a women who styles, and makes custom suits for, professional athletes.

– Zac Posen interviewed Christine Baranski for Interview

– At Buzzfeed: How Taylor Swift Played The Victim For A Decade And Made Her Entire Career. (But how do you really feel?!)

– Refinery29 brings us news we can use, namely: The Best Places To Buy Cute Underwear In Bulk. I am a person who owns A LOT of undies because I hate to do laundry so much. My kingdom for my own washer/dryer.

–Over at Celebitchy: Gabrielle Union’s best anti-aging tip: ‘say no, no and hell no’

–At  Pajiba, Let’s Pour One Out for How Stylish the ‘Moonlight’ Cast Is

– At Dangerous Minds, these photos from a 1970s German mail order catalog are a hoot.

– Finally, much love to the people at The Strategist who named The Royal We to its list of 12 Romantic Books That Won’t Make You Gag.