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Happy holidays to you all! This is the final proper Royals Round-Up of 2018 — but never fear, we’re going to have plenty of royals coverage during the next week or so, including any and all Walks to Church and lots of year-end shenanigans.

And we had plenty that happened this week, as well. In case you missed it:

Meghan paid a visit to some elderly YET STILL SASSY actors in a lovely grey coat and more divisive patterned dress.

And everyone drove over to lunch with the Queen and we judged their looks based on seeing approximately 7% of their bodies.

Elsewhere — and, first, a note: We covered a few of these in earlier posts this week, but I wanted to re-up them in case you missed them the first time.

– Vanity Fair had quite a long piece on Meghan’s family issues this week.

– On that topic, Doria is apparently NOT spending the holidays with the royal family at Sandringham. [People]

– Elizabeth Holmes wrote a very interesting piece for Business of Fashion about the way brands are monetizing Meghan’s wardrobe.

– THIS is a HEADLINE: Belgian queen’s makeup artist ‘quizzed over Luxembourg crown jewels theft’ [The Guardian]

– This is from the Daily Mail (I KNOW), so buyer beware, but they had the most intel when I went to press today: Lady Gabriella Windsor (she’s the daughter of the Michael of Kents) is getting married at St George’s next year. I look forward to photos of people walking to this event.

And, on social:






Euj really does seem to be stepping it up:




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