Before we get into today’s look, a little newsy intel: Despite earlier reports, Meghan’s mother Doria is apparently not coming to spend Christmas at Sandringham. In other news, Meghan and Harry are reportedly going to visit the US and Canada next fall, with Baby Sussex. Something to look forward to/much to discuss.

And, onto today: Meghan visited a senior citizen’s home for retired entertainers — this seems very apt, as she herself is a retired entertainer, although a very young one  — and chatted with the residents and did crafts and had tea. As I said last week, this is one of the things I would have enjoyed had Harry taken complete leave of his senses and decided to marry a wizened old husk of an American blogger (me):  Crafts and snacks while listening to old people tell me things! There is, as always, video:

I would have swept in there and asked if any of them had attended children’s Academies for Dance and Stage Training and if so, how much were they like the Noel Streatfeild books.

Meghan’s calligraphy game is still strong:


Still an American at heart! No “Happy Christmas” from us!

Clothing-wise: The dress is this one, by Brock Collection (it’s not a maternity dress), and it sort of makes her look like she’s a heroine in a Jane Austen adaptation. But truly, who amongst us hasn’t spent much of her holiday time watching various Pride and Prejudices, only to resurface inspired? Is she going to go home and make Harry emerge from a pond several times wearing a white shirt? In case it’s unclear: I wholly support this.

The coat is a brand called Soia & Kyo and obviously I love it. I never met a coat I didn’t like and this one is grey! I don’t even have a grey coat! It’s a Canadian brand; as you’ll see if you click on that link to go to their site, the brand has it marked as “a royal feature,” which is…probably smart for them, sales-wise. If you haven’t read it already, Elizabeth Holmes had an interesting piece earlier this week for Business of Fashion about how brands are leveraging royal wears for sales in which she notes that some brands actually send the blogs that track Meghan’s clothing lists of items they’ve sent to the palace, which makes for easier ID, because they know those blogs are a good source of sales for them. (I’d like to note that I do not get those lists. Which is rude!!!!! AM I NOT A BLOGGER? DO I NOT TYPE?)


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