All righty, y’all expressed curiosity about Brooke Burke’s oeuvre in the comments of our Kristin Chenoweth entry, so ask and ye shall receive. Besides which, we’re limping to the end of the last full work week before the Christmas holiday, and content is thin, so it is my sincere pleasure just to have something to DO today.

As a recap, on Instagram I occasionally riff on my backlog of Us Weekly issues, with a running gag about how often Brooke Burke appears in there; when you read two in a row, for example, it’s noticeable, and semi-random for someone who’s not super mainstream. “Who is Brooke Burke?” many have asked, and here’s a short answer: In addition to having been a TV host for E! and various reality competitions (Rock Star: INXS, Dancing With The Stars), Brooke appears on GMA sometimes and has a fitness business with classes, videos, equipment, and an app. So credit where it’s due; I don’t want to imply Us Weekly is all she has happening.

But it is ALSO happening, and she is industrious as all hell about it. Brooke gets into about two issues a month on average, and sometimes more than once in each, in a variety of shots most of which seem staged for evergreen use: doing yoga, walking on the beach, standing on the sidewalk. That means anytime Us needs to plug a hole in “Stars: They’re Just Like Is: They Go Holiday Shopping,” or “Celebs Who Exercise on the Beach,” or even, “My Best Body Routine,” or whatever, there are plenty of shots of Brooke that will slide right in and it doesn’t even matter exactly when they were taken. That is smart game. She is like a human Siri: Call her name, and she will be there.

Of course, to me that sounds freaking exhausting, but you cannot deny that it’s savvy: Either people Google you out of curiosity, or out of admiration for your abs, but either way that’s a chance for them to find your workout gear and videos. I tip my cap to her, frankly. It’s a tough world out there, and she’s getting food on the table without hurting anyone, and with a grin on her face. You DO IT, Brooke.