We notice a lot of stagey celebrity shots on our various image accounts — I was going to do a whole slideshow on Brooke Burke, and if you read my occasional “Us Weekly” roundups on Instagram stories, you know why — and in the last little while my absolute favorite among these photos are the ones from Kristin Chenoweth. She is a superstar of stage and screen who got weirdly self-promotional in the last, oh, 18 months, but what’s charming about it is that she really EMBRACES the kook factor. Some of them made me laugh out loud, and I think at least a few of them were supposed to; honestly, she seems like a total scream, and anytime she wants me to hang out with her and Count Chocula (I’m serious), I’m there.

Please enjoy, along with a B-story about what is apparently her favorite off-the-shoulder white v-neck promo sweater. Also, honk if you want a gander at Brooke Burke’s offerings. Hers are less overtly wacky and more abdominal, on the whole, but I have to salute her game: They work.

[Photos: InstarImages.com]