Y’all, they’re coming back to us! We’ve got skeptical Anne, Harry pointing at things, William looking thoughtful through the windshield of a car, Kate making some lazy vacation blow-out choices (I respect this), Carl Philip looking VERY HOT, and other FAN FAVES.

Elsewhere on the internet for your royal reading needs:

At Town & Country:  The Cambridges are back in London! School starts up again next week, and Charlotte is going to start attending with George. (I’m sure to her great relief; she needs a proper science lab for her experiments, after all.) It seems likely that we’ll get a First Day of School shot with her, like we did with Prince Cheeksy McMuffinface, in part because The Spare seems extremely good at waving and she might want to get some practice in. Our friends at People report that both Wills AND Kate will be doing this drop-off. (It’s Thursday.)

I feel like I can just leave this headline here for you. At Vanity Fair: A Royal Jewelry Feud Finally Comes to Light. PS: Wallis Simpson was a nightmare person.

This made me like Hailey Baldwin/Bieber: Hailey Baldwin Recreates Princess Diana’s Iconic Outfits. Read our book, Hailey! Carry it, COVER FACING OUTWARD, on your Instagram! DO THIS FOR US. (In fairness, I once interviewed Hailey at Fashion Week and she was honestly a total hoot and very warm, so I actually liked her fine before this.)

At Tatler: The Sussexes have been sighted…AT THE PUB! (Having lunch, not, like, getting loaded and then playing drunk darts.) (The pub has denied this but maybe the pub is just good at keeping secrets, as befits one’s local.)

And, on the social mediums:

This is a great dress!

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