It’s Labor Day weekend here in the United States! I hope you have a luxurious long weekend, friends.

Los Angelenos, if you’re around next week, Heather and I will be at Chevalier’s in Larchmont Village talking to Katharine McGee about her new book, American Royals, on Wednesday. (We’re here for all alternate universe royalty conversations!) While we’re on the topic, it has recently come to my attention that a lot of people do not know that we’re writing a sequel to The Royal We. WE ARE. It comes out next year at some time TBD! We still are writing it!

Here’s something to read, while you’re relaxing:

Do you need a moto jacket for fall? YOU DO.

THIS is the content I need, at EW: Dan’s funeral: An oral history of the greatest Big Brother moment ever

I might have cried reading this. At the LA Times, which has finally brought back Column One, its iconic feature that was axed a few years ago: Blink Once if You Can Hear Me

I also cried reading this at Bustle, from our friend Robin Benway: I Thought My Writing Career Was Over. A DIY Furniture Project Saved It.

At Lainey: Ooooh, I love a good Blind Item.

This is a fascinating — and sad, and enraging — piece about Ann Lowe, the woman who designed Jackie Kennedy’s wedding gown. [WaPo]

Interesting, at the NYT: Can Instagram and Egg Creams Save the Last Punk Rock Bodega?

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Costco Now Selling $900 Wheel of Parmesan Cheese. [Nerdist]

Related, at Autostraddle: Mozzarella Sticks I’ve Eaten, Ranked

Also at Lainey: Pete Davidson really has dated some gorgeous and accomplished ladies.

Really interesting, at T&C: Was This Photo of an Austrian Empress the World’s First Paparazzi Photo?

At Pajiba, this seems right: Matthew McConaughey Is Teaching College Film Courses…On The Films Of Matthew McConaughey

At Glamour: The Fashion Industry Has a Plus-Size Problem. These Women Want to Fix It

At Celebitchy: Catherine Zeta-Jones is still trying to get her 16-year-old daughter a career. I love me some CZJ, but I’m not sure that I foresee this working out.

I love this headline at Vulture: I Think I Love Gerard Butler